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The only pizza recipe you need

By On July 29, 2014

The romans used to eat a dish called placenta, a flat bread with cheese and honey on top, flavored with bay leaves. Much like some varieties of the Indian naan bread. Today,… Read More


Minchia Milanese

By On July 20, 2014

Panettone is basically an egg sponge cake, leavened with spontaneous sourdough, and flavored with an assortment of chopped up candied fruits, raisins and zest from citrus fruit. Making a panettone cake the old fashion way, letting… Read More


La pasta alla carbonara del futuro

By On July 14, 2014

A classic carbonara is simply pasta (often spaghetti) mixed with fried guanciale or pancetta, together with its fat, raw eggs and pecorino cheese. The name is derived from carbonaro, which means charcoal burner. It’s said that the… Read More

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My Swedish Easter disappointment (or “What people eat for Easter around the world”)

By On April 19, 2014

When I was a child, I would hunt for chocolate eggs in the garden for hours. I left childhood a long time ago. However, I haven’t quit on sweets and chocolate. Heretofore,… Read More