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Mostly savory

41 Grados, Barcelona, Spain

By On November 22, 2014

In January 2011, the three-Michelin-starred chef Ferran Adrià and his brother Albert Adrià, opened this small tapas bar (tapas as in “many small dishes”). Their idea was a multi-course dinner experience, with music,… Read More

Mostly savory

Blu Jam Café in Sherman Oaks, CA USA

By On June 17, 2014

Artisan food and organic ingredients, that’s unique sales point many business try to make these days. Actually, with organic coffeeshops popping up every here and there, and with Whole Foods around every… Read More

Mostly savory

Arby’s in Alabama, USA

By On June 16, 2014

On my way across the US, I’m listening to the radio. Conservatives are debating the importance of protecting the constitutional rights to bare arms. As a European, I find the discussion unusual and very… Read More

Mostly savory

Cheer Burger in Los Angeles, USA

By On June 11, 2014

First thursday of every month, thousands of people gather on Abbot Kinney Boulevard in Venice, California, to eat food, smoke pot, make out and dance. Well, at least they eat and socialize,… Read More

Mostly savory

Bacoa in Barcelona, Spain

By On June 6, 2014

Some places are good. Others are bad. And then there are the ones that are praised in some kind of mass hysteria, when in fact they’re terrible. Bacoa in Barcelona is such… Read More

Mostly savory

Bronda – Helsinki, Finland

By On April 12, 2014

Restaurant Bronda in Helsinki, Finland. A trendy place, it seems, from the looks of it. But more important, how’s the food? I start of with an “arancino”. This is originally a Sicilian… Read More

Mostly savory

My favorite burger joints

By On April 6, 2014

I currently live in Sweden hence this is a list dedicated to Swedish burger joints. Swedish newspapers and food circuits often have no idea what they’re talking about. A newly opened fancy… Read More