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Pork schnitzel

By On February 7, 2018

The Japanese call it “tonkatsu”, the Italian call it “cotoletta milanese”, the Austrians, Germans and Swedes call it schnitzel. You can call it whatever you want, but all the variations have one thing… Read More


Europeanised ramen

By On January 27, 2018

People living in metropolitan areas will have no idea what I’m talking about. But when you’re in a small town in Europe and just need to have ramen, there’s no way of… Read More


Butternut squash with lentils and stuff for vegetarians

By On December 30, 2017

If you’re not vegetarian, why cook vegetarian food? Because it’s good. And if you don’t find it good, at least it can help you make that vegetarian fall in love with you.… Read More


Zapienka from scratch

By On November 11, 2017

Before kebabs, pizzas and other fast foods came to Poland, the poles were already familiar with standing by a van, eating fast food after a night out. Zapiekanka is a polish open… Read More


South Carolina style mustard ribs with stuff

By On October 20, 2017

Americans know their BBQ. For the rest of us, who don’t live in the BBQ center of the world, nor have a BBQ to put the meat on, nor the weather to… Read More



By On September 17, 2017

Churros is the goto festival food of Spanish speaking countries, especially Mexico and Spain. Who knows when and how it first came to existence? Some say it was invented by Spanish shepherds.… Read More


Chicken Tikka Masala in your own home

By On August 11, 2017

There are a couple of myths surrounding this dish. First of all, Christopher Columbus wasn’t this brilliant mind who knew earth was round while everyone else in the world thought it was… Read More


Västerbottenostpaj with skagenröra

By On July 18, 2017

Swedes eat something called Västerbottenostpaj. It’s a cheese pie made with a Swedish cheese called Västerbottenost. It’s kind of a quiche, for a lack of a better word. The pie is often found on… Read More


Kaiserschmarrn – the fucked up Austrian pancake

By On March 16, 2017

There’s this story about an Austrian queen who wanted to make her emperor husband some dessert. She tried to make pancakes, but she made them way too sweet and when she was… Read More


Stuffed beaked sweet potato with asian flavors

By On January 20, 2017

Who doesn’t love asian food? Who doesn’t love sweet potatoes? Who says you can’t combine flavours from different cuisines in one and the same dish? I don’t know. But what I do… Read More